Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery
Mindfulness Meditation Practice Center

Location:  1309 North Star Ave., Panama City, FL 32404
Phone Number: (850) 871-5559
Email Address: quanamnamhaimonastery@yahoo.com

As this is a Monastery and we do conduct ceremonial services, please dress appropriately but comfortably when you attend. Please, no short sleeved-shirts, short pants, or low-cut shirts.

Visiting Hours:  Every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM & from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM  Noble Silence

Sunday Service from 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM (sitting meditation, chanting, Dharma talk, Dharma discussion and mindful lunch).

Sinh họat thiền tập mỗi Chủ Nhật từ 9 giờ 00 đến 11 giờ 15 sáng (tọa thiền, tụng Kinh, Pháp thoại, Pháp đàm, và dùng cơm chánh niệm).

Upcoming Retreat:

* December 29 – 31, 2022 (Please click the link below to learn more about the Retreat and to register for the Retreat.)

* Khóa Tu Hằng Năm Lễ Dâng Đèn & Lễ Niệm Đức Bồ Tát Quán Thế Âm, ngày 29 – 31/12/2022.  (Xin quý vị vui lòng bấm vào link ở dưới đây để biết thêm chi tiết về khóa tu và để đâng ký dự Khóa Tu.)


 Phiếu nghi danh khóa tu & dâng đèn

Annual Retreat Ceremony of Light Offering

Registration Form

Phiếu Thỉnh Dang Den

Latest Dharma Talks:


Our lovely monastery took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael. We urgently need funds to help with repairs and rebuilding. Please, make a donation. Your help is deeply appreciated.



Photo of Gate Before Hurricane Michael




Devastation to Gate After Hurricane Michael




Other Donation Methods: Venmo or Zelle @ quanamnamhaimonastery@yahoo.com  (No transaction fee)

“Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery
Embodies calm and peace
The Great Compassionate Bodhisattva
Hears the cries of the afflicted, and compassionately comforts the suffering.
Lush green forests and warm sand beaches
Sowing the seed of happiness and joy
Illuminating love that touches the soul.
A place of learning for young and old…”

Welcome to Quan Am Nam Hai