The Practice of Dana (Giving/Donation)

During the Buddha’s time, the Sangha subsisted solely on the donations from villagers: donations of clothing, of food, medicine, and shelter. Lay Buddhists of that time were able to build monasteries and lodging for the Sangha. However, in our modern time, these offerings are still important, but many lay people are busy with their own lives and work, so monetary donations are also made to help the Sangha develop monasteries and temples, pay for bills, and various necessities. Time, or labor, can also be given; helping around the monastery can help not only those residents there, but also the lay believers who offer that help. When you contribute to a temple or monastery, you are making a contribution to all by sustaining the Dharma.
The Buddha says of Dana (giving), “Those who know the true merit of giving… would not hesitate to share even their last morsel of food,” (Hivuttaka Sutta). Dana is also one of the great Paramitas, or perfected actions of Bodhisattvas.
At Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery, many things are still under development. Our Monastery is a training center for monastics and lay persons- young and old- who wish to come and practice, and accommodation are necessary to meet the needs of those persons who come to train. With this, we ask our followers and friends for assistance they may be able to offer.
Some of our current projects include: a guest house for retreats; a kitchen to meet the needs of those who come; a larger Meditation Hall, Dharma Hall; the Quan Am Lotus Pond pavilion; and more to come.
If you would like to offer a donation, you can send directly to the Monastery (pay to: Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery); we also use paypal; or you can fill out the donation form by coming to the Monastery.

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