Day of Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

This day-long retreat is held three times a year, usually Saturday of the fourth week, and is for English speakers, Buddhist or not. Everyone regardless of religion or belief is welcome to attend this and any of our events. This is a day to experience life as a monastic and a good way to be in touch with Buddhist Mindfulness practice. This day also allows one to recharge their spiritual batteries and relieve stress, worry, and anxiety after a month of working and living in our hectic world. This Mindfulness workshop can help train you to live mindfully with various approaches. The training is to help you focus on your breathing and to be aware of the present moment. This helps a person to be truly aware of being alive and present in one’s daily life. Especially in our natural setting at the Monastery, these practices can help people be in touch with themselves and the nature around them.
Participants will learn practices such as: sitting meditation, Qi Gong, walking meditation, total relaxation; as well as participate in listening to Dharma Talks given by the Dharma Teachers, and sharing practice during Dharma discussion. We also have tea meditation, where we are able to share songs, stories, poetry, and just Be together. If you have musical talents, we encourage you to bring your instruments so you are able to share your talents with the group.
We come together for this Day of Mindfulness to connect with new and old spiritual friends. Some participants have reported a significant drop in stress and anxiety levels after one or two meetings, and others have also shared that their relationships with family and friends have improved, and even reports of people with cancer going into remission.
Clothing for the Day of Mindfulness should be comfortable and allow for free movement, but should still conform to the Monastery’s customs. So please, no short sleeved shirts, short pants, or low cut shirts.
Because the Day of Mindfulness can be so helpful in your daily and personal life, we encourage you to bring your family and friends so you are able to connect in peace and harmony as a result of these practices.

Welcome to Quan Am Nam Hai