Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery

Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery

Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery is a mixture of traditional and modern Mahayana Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation Practice Center. The Monastery sits on 20 plus acres of serene landscape, and is surrounded by a forest of Pines. A lovely stream runs beside a gently winding paved drive that is lined with stately Cypress. The drive leads to a lovely mile long compassionate walking meditation path. Upon entering the main gate, you will be welcomed by a Pagoda Gate. On either side of the Gate, azalea flowers are in bloom and Canary Palms line the drive and beautiful shade trees welcome you in the parking area. In order to protect the meditation walking path paved entrance, visitors are asked to enter either to the right or left of the Pagoda Gate and park their vehicles on the grassy parking area as directed by parking signs. Adjacent to the parking lots there’s a 12-foot tall seated, granite stone Shakyamuni Buddha statue that is set gracefully on a ceremonial wooden deck stage.

Bordering the other side of the public parking area is a Happy Bodhisattva, sheltered in a shrine and embraced by a fenced rock garden and reflection pond.  The Meditation Hall and dharma gift shop are located directly behind the Happy Bodhisattva shrine.  Daily meditations take place here.  You  have a sense of welcome as you take off your shoes at the door and come in to rest and have a cup of tea.  Feel free to explore the many dharma items in the gift shop.  Across from the meditation center and dharma gift shop is the dining hall and kitchen.

As you walk the grounds adjacent to the dining hall and kitchen, you discover an archway that marks the beginning of a beautiful and inviting path embraced by Canary and Sylvester Palms, and Crab-apple Blossom trees that leads to a Compassion Zen Garden.  At the end of this lovely contemplative walk is a 22-foot granite stone statue of the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. The beauty of the statue and place will give you pause.  Take in these surroundings and enjoy what you are experiencing.

The Monastery originally opened and began welcoming visitors on April 22, 2012, and was founded by the Most Venerable Grand Master Thich Tinh Tu  and The Vietnamese Sangha Congregation in America, and currently direct by Abbess Venerable Master Thich Thanh Dieu Giac (aka Master Tran).

Quan Am Nam Hai is a working monastery with a resident Master and practitioners on site.  Summer hours for the center are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and winter hours are from 7:00 AM  to 5:00 PM.  We do have a large, gentle, white dog, named Lotus, who lives at the Monastery.  Expect that he will greet you with a bark and a sniff and then be on his way.  We ask that you be respectful of the center and its residents.  There is no alcohol, or smoking allowed, and since the center is strictly vegetarian, please also, no meat or meat products. We look forward to your visiting the Monastery and enjoying the grounds.  Feel free to ask questions or strike up a conversation, we look forward to meeting you.

“Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery
Embodies calm and peace
The Great Compassionate Bodhisattva
Hears the cries of the afflicted, and compassionately comforts the suffering.
Lush green forests and warm sand beaches
Sowing the seed of happiness and joy
Illuminating love that touches the soul.
A place of learning for young and old…”

Welcome to Quan Am Nam Hai