Mindful Conduct for Residents

Mindfulness Conduct

To apply in daily life at Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery

1. Speak less, and speak softly. Do not speak of worldly matters, these do not bring benefit to yourself, or the Sangha and to those who visit.
2. Steadily practice mindful manners: while walking, standing, lying, sitting, and working. Speak modestly, with loving speech, and in the spirit of learning, building the harmony of the Sangha.
3. Practice deep listening; do not speak in such a way as to create arguments, use words in anger, or competitive speech.
4. When you hear the mindfulness bell, immediately return to the breath and smile, being aware of the present moment.
5. The purpose of the Monastery is to cultivate compassion and peace within yourself, and to join with the Sangha to build up Quan AM Nam Hai Monastery with skillful hands.
6. Do not leave during meditation, ceremonies, listening to Dharma talks, or other Sangha activities.
7. The practices of Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery are a mixture of Pure Land and Mindfulness Meditation. For those who come, please keep this in mind to be able to contribute and share to the community, and practice fully. Questions are encouraged.
8. Do not smoke; do not bring non-vegetarian food; do not bring alcohol or drugs; nor anything that can intoxicate and/or harm the body and the harmony of the Sangha- this includes weapons.
9. Fishing is not allowed, nor is releasing outside fish or other animals into the Monastery’s land ponds.
10. We ask for your support in practicing the rules of mindfulness and following the Monastery’s schedule.
11. Sangha residents of the Monastery, our purpose is to guide and take care of all visitors for any events, whether retreats or holidays, or any other times.
12. Practice conservation and mindfulness when using electricity, water, food, and other amenities of the Monastery.
13. We do not discriminate against other religious groups, cultures, organizations, or any beliefs. Instead we show our respect and hope to learn from one another.
14. Please leave your contact information (name, email, number, etc.) so we can keep in touch and cultivate loving kindness and support one another.
15. Please practice noble silence during retreat, dharma talks, and resting hours.
16. Every Wednesday and Saturday, in the early morning, the community has tea meditation and listens to the recordings Dharma Talks from the Grand Master, and to share their support and personal practice throughout the week.
17. Every year we have three one-month retreats, one in Spring (March), Fall (October), and Winter (December) in keeping with Buddhist tradition. These are to deepen monastic practice.
18. Once a year, monastics are allowed to leave the monastery to visit family, or study at other monasteries, however each time is no more than two-weeks.
19. When living with others we must respect their need for a quiet atmosphere for practice and mindfulness.
20. Like I would protect my own eyes, I vow to protect, support, and foster the growth of the Sangha.
21. I vow to practice the Mindful Conducts of the Monastery deeply and seriously.
22. Verse for daily practice:

“Respectfully, I join my palms in prostration
To the Buddha Nature in all creation
Body Speech and Mind are protected
My practice full and not rejected.”

Grand Master Thich Tinh Tu
The Most Venerable Abbot

Welcome to Quan Am Nam Hai