Mindfulness Practice for Visitors

Mindfulness Practices for Daily Life

To keep the harmonious atmosphere, we ask everyone who comes to Quan Am Nam Hai Monastery to follow these mindful practices.

1. Speak little, and speak softly. You shouldn’t speak loudly. Never speak of the mistakes of others, especially when you are not calm and at peace; when you are not speaking from compassion.
2. Practice speaking with love, truth, and modesty in a harmonious and open way.
3. When you walk, stand, lay down or sit, stay calm, move slow and relaxed.
4. When you hear the bell, stop what you are doing, and focus on your breathing. As you breathe in recite silently: “Breathing in, I know I am breathing in,” as you breathe out recite silently: “I know I am breathing out… I know that I am alive.”
5. The Earth is a sacred land- please use skillful hands to keep the land clean- please do not litter, and help clean.
6. Please, no smoking, alcohol, or bring non-vegetarian food at the Monastery.
7. Please, no fishing, or releasing turtles or fish into the waters on the Monastery grounds.
8. Please, dress appropriately- no short sleeved shirts, or short pants.
9. When coming to the Monastery for practice, please follow the schedule and mindful practices.
10. Please remember to either turn off or put phones on vibrate during activities and especially during services.
11. Practice Noble Silence during sitting meditation, listening to Dharma talks, mindful eating; and after hours or during time for personal reflection.
12. Please leave contact information (name, email, number, etc.) so we are able to send you information for retreats, newsletters, and other notifications.
13. We are grateful for all donations given by our friends.

Welcome to Quan Am Nam Hai